Home Improvements

We offer a range of window, door and conservatory repair services for your home.

We offer window and door repairs based in Oxfordshire

The common symptoms which suggest that your doors and windows are in need of repairs are usually:


Misty / steamed up windows

Dripping condensation with the panes of glass 

Broken hinges

Damaged handles

Doors and windows are difficult to close

Inoperative window or door locks

Mouldy or shrinking rubbers and gaskets

Gaps in silicone sealant on outside and inside of window / door frames.


Don't worry as all of these things can be treated quickly and economically by the Professor Windows team.

What happens next...

Contacting us

Once you make a call to us, one of team will contact you and arrange a mutually convenient time to visit your property and look at the defective windows or doors, diagnose the solution and give you a free estimate for any repairs which may be necessary.


If you decide to accept the estimate, a more detailed survey will be arranged and all relevant products will be purchsed or manufactured. 

If you currently have leaded glass we will take accurate measurements or the position of the lead work in adjacent windows so that new units we install will match your existing windows.

Time to fit

On a mutual date agreed with you, our technicians will attend and remove the existing glass or defective products. If the problem is defective glass this will usually involve removing the existing window beading, gaskets and installing your new glass. Your original gaskets and beading will then be reinstated. If your locks / hinges are defective, new ones will be supplied and fitted.


Our tecnicians will remove and dispose of the defective glass units, hinges, handles etc. We can cater to most types of windows, doors and conservatories.