Aluminium Windows

Create a modern look and create a style statement in your home with aluminium windows.

The ultimate balance of beautiful aesthetics and exceptional performance

Offering versatility, durability, and surprising affordability – the range of Aluminium windows we offer you will add a modern and high-end finish to your home.


Available in a large range of colour options to suit your property. Opt for a full range of standard colours from our single colour options or match the inside with your décor with our dual colour selections. Tailor your aluminium window even further by specifying the finish as metallic, textured or anodised for elevated aesthetics.


If that’s not enough personalisation for you, we also offer a range of handle and vent options in different colours to suit your individual tastes and unique requirements.


Being fully sustainable and recyclable, aluminium leaves a minimal footprint on the environment. It is strong and durable, coming with a host of security features to give you peace of mind.


Black - Standard Colour
White - Standard Colour
Grey - Standard Colour
Cranked Handle
Heritage Handle - Tear Drop
Heritage Handle - Monkey Tail
Inline Handle

Enjoy the Benefits

Finishing touches

Choose between a range of hardware colours to match your windows perfectly.

Colour choices

Available in a full range of both standard and bespoke colours to suit your home.

Design options

Available in a range of options including heritage, contemporary and slimline.

Energy efficient

Compatible with both double or triple glazing for extra thermal and acoustic performance.